Making waste removal safe and easy on the environment

Garbage chute cleaning services that help you and the environment

Neglecting your garbage chute can cause you and your tenants harm. 

Garbage bags regularly being ripped open because of waste remnants on the inner walls.

Garbage bags getting wet and sticking to the inner walls of the chute causing channel constriction

Foul smelling airbourne odours that diffuse through the chute into common areas of the building

Rotting waste creating breeding sites for cockroaches, flies, and bacteria

Chute Clean can help eliminate all of the above using our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that ensure that every crack and crevice is clear of hazardous grime and bacteria.

Our garbage chute cleaning process

  1. High powered, remotely operated jet cleaning system with a specialised rotating washer head.
  2. The cleaning system is winched to the top floor of the tower block.
  3. The rotating washer head is connected to the high-pressure system delivering a constant jet of steam at up to 350 bars of pressure.
  4. The rotating washer head is lowered using a winch down the waste disposal chute.
  5. As the rotating washer head descends, the high pressure cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising takes place.
  6. Any residual waste and water is washed down the chute and collected into the refuse container placed underneath.
  7. Waste is then emptied into bags and disposed of in the rubbish bin.
  8. All the garbage waste in the cleaning process is removed to prevent any contamination of the surrounding areas.
  9. All tape/cones/signage will be removed from site and the hopper doors and garbage room is cleaned, sanitised, and deodorised.
garbage chute cleaning diagram

Examples of our garbage chute cleaning work

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